Although the kids are out of school for the summer, we at St. Patrick’s Parish Social Ministry are already preparing for our “Back to School Ministry Program”.

Children need constant encouragement and support to succeed, and as a community we can help make that happen.  Sending a child to school with new and needed supplies instills a sense of pride along with the message that school is important.  New school supplies can be expensive and unaffordable to a family with limited income.  St. Patrick’s “Back to School Ministry” helps with their supplies that families are unable to provide.

If you are able to help us help children, you can either donate supplies or sponsor a child in need. To sponsor a child, please call Catherine at the Parish Social Ministry office at 665-4911 extension 130. Supplies can be dropped off at the Parish Social Ministry office located at the Bethany House Monday-Friday from 10:00am-12:30pm. You may also drop off your supplies at the rectory.

Listed Below are the school supplies that children need:

* Backpack/Messenger Bags * Binder ½”
* Loose Leaf Paper Glue Sticks and Bottle Glue
Subject Dividers for Binders Index Cards 3×5
#2 Pencils/Cases/Sharpeners Graphic Calculator
* Composition Books Scissors
* Double Pocket File folders Washable Markers/Crayons
Pens Standard  and Large Pink Erasers
Ruler (must include standard and metric)

* Items Most Needed

The LAST DAY to donate items is
AUGUST 13th, 2014