Christ Renews His Parish

CRHP began in 1969 in Ohio and is now in over 14,000 parishes in the United States. It is a personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 States.

CRHP is a parish based faith formation and retreat process with continuing commitment to the parish. CHRP is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process.

A team of parishioners properly formed in prayer and love and instructed in techniques,dynamics and content of the total process. The team formation period in itself becomes an effective “follow up” for each weekend experience and brings participants immediately into a group committed to spiritual growth and ministerial formation.

Participants attend a two day one overnight renewal weekend at their parish to focus on where they are in their spiritual journey. Music, faith sharing, Mass individual and group activities help them focus on their current relationship with God and inspire them to be open to the way God is working in their lives. (men and women attend separate retreat weekends)

Everyone is committed to 26 weeks of formation a two day one night overnight (30 hours) at the parish for a participating group of up to 36 men or women an invitation to continued personal growth and parochial ministry. A formation period leading to team ministry of the next renewal weekend

A procedure for transferring both the renewal ministry and the continuation responsibility
Its Focus:

• Eucharist as the center of the community
• God’s word as the fountain of the community
• Reconciliation as the healing of the community
• Shared Faith and Pray The Spirit’s presence in the community
• Discipleship as the call of consequence of the community
• Shared Ministry as a witness of serving and loving the community

Parish priests and laity share their faith-life and witness to their experience of the Lord in the areas of

• Renewal
• Eucharist
• New Life in Christ’ Scripture
• Christian community Father’s Loving Care
• Christian Awareness Discipleship
• Reconciliation

If you would like to participate in CRHP please call Colleen Lindblad at (631) 894-6303 or email at