Years ago, when we ceased charging “tuition” or “fees” for our religious education program, we knew that it was going to be expensive.

Books, buildings, buses, technology, staffing, insurance –all cost money, but money should not be a thought in passing on the faith to our next generation.

By encouraging our families to support their parish (as all Catholics are obliged to do) it was hoped that their gifts on Sunday or through First Fruits would be enough.

These years later, the expenses incurred by our dynamic and energetic Religious Education Program have continued to rise, although the level of financial support given by our families has not.

In fact the number of families who are not monetarily supporting our program has risen.

Rather than going back to a fee or tuition based system, we believe that simply appealing to you, our good and generous parishioners who know the value of our program, we might be able to raise enough additional revenue to make sure that we can always offer our program without cost.

Your support of this drive will help ensure that St. Patrick’s can continue to provide dynamic energy filled formation to ALL families regardless of ability to materially contribute.

If your family is willing and able, please CLICK HERE to download the response card and be as generous as you can.  Response cards can be returned in the collection basket at Mass on Sundays or at your child’s next Religious Education class